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Shopping for digital camera online

The brand Canon is considered as one of the top brand in the camera enviroment. They are widely known for imaging equipment and information systems. They are manufacturer of various products like the printers, camcorders, copiers, camera lenses, semi-conductors and the Canon DSLR Camera.

The one that I like to use is the PowerShot S2 IS digital camera. It comes with 5 megapixel with the features of 12x optical zoom lens including the 4x digital zoom. The terms IS in S2 IS stands for Optical Image Stabilizer that is good for a person who tends to shake hands while taking photos. This will eliminate the blurness due to shaky hands while taking the shots. Apart from the Optical Image Stabilizer, it comes with the UD lens to allow you to capture the most amazing color accuracy while doing the zoom effect.

Similar to any other camcorders, this Canon digital camera can be used as a recorder to capture moving pictures. So you can forget about buying another camcorder if you are using this camera to capture moving objects. It also comes with Movie Snap feature which means you can snap away any image you wish and save in the camera with the recorded video.

DIGIC II Image processor comes as a feature for this Canon digital camera and the function is to increase the processing speed as well as the quality of image. With Digic II, you get a faster startup timing, playback and auto focus in addition of absolute brilliance for your images. It supports USB 2.0 for a better transfer speed of files to and from computer. It comes with 1.8 inch LCD screen that can fold in and out with resolution of 115,000 pixel. It can shoot at a rate of 30 frames per second but at a lesser rate during night shooting as to allow more light for brightness. There are other models like the PowerShot SD500 and the SD400 canon digital camera.

Canon SD500 comes with 7.1 megapixel which gives the best image quality that you can ever ask for. Comes along with 3x optical zoom for any closeup shooting using the 37-111mm lenses. With 2.0 inch LCD to give frame by frame playback and comes with a slim sporting design. Also equip with DIGIC II Image processor with amazing features. This camera can shoot moving images up to 60 frames per second that is suitable for moving objects in sports while having 30 frames per second for still images. The modes have features like portraits, foliage, beach, underwater, etc that makes the images look better and nicer. You can get a waterproof case if you wish to shooting underwater images. You can customize and correcting your shoot with different modes like lightening skin tones, darker skin tones, positive film that makes a nice image output.

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Shopping for digital camera online

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