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Medical Acupuncture

Did you ever imagine yourself to be pierced by numerous of needles on your body? Well, this will be the kind of experience people will have in their minds when you talk about acupuncture. It will be no surprise to anyone who are normally skeptical about using such technique to be suspicious and find it to be horrifying. But the truth about it is that this will be relatively painless kind of ancient Chinese technique that are being used to help relieve symptoms of billions of people round the world. With experienced person to properly used of this technique, it can actually help in managing many of the medical conditions that includes chronic pain and fatigue.

Do you know how it works for acupuncture?

Many of the practitioners for the Traditional Chinese Medicine do believe in what you call as energy flows in our bodies. This kind of energy known as Chi will be cirulating in our body utilizing the pathways known as meridians. The meridians are running closely on the surface of our skin in certain locations and can be accessible with the use of needles. This can be said as similar to plumbing as when pipes get blocked or moving the wrong direction, can cause health issues. Therefore, by using the needles to insert in these meridian points will help to loosen these blocks and allowing it to flow normally.

This can sound just like a made up story without any basis of reality but in fact there are many of such scientific studies that can support the effectiveness of acupuncture helping people. Even though there is yet an exact scientific basis of this, the recent theories are suggesting that its involvement of complicated neurochemical effects of the brain, nerve to spinal cord impulse modulation with some sort of microscopic connective tissue changes that is connected with acupuncture.

Are there any sort of risks or side effects of acupuncture?

It is normal that acupuncture usage is not being completely understood for the use of treatment for medical conditions. Similarly like the use of penicillin and aspirin that are being used for decades which is based solely on the basis of its beneficial effects even though doctors still do not understand how it actually function. More importantly, it is the result that is what people wants to know. Regardless, it will definitely be equally important that such technique used is safe.

This will be the same like any other types of strategies for treating health conditions, acupuncture also may have its side effects. This is the same like medications having side effects as well as allergic reactions to individuals or going for surgeries that will also have risk of infection and complications. Likewise the acupuncture, there may also be risk of injury, rare infections, bleeding or bruises occuring which maybe minimal.

This can all be avoided with minimal side effects if you are being attended by licensed acupuncturist. In all countries, whether government agencies or private, there will be licensing in place where all professional organisations follow a very intensive strict rules and regulations.

Do you know how this treatment take place?

When you visit to TCM, the acupuncturist will first have an evaluation of your personal medical history and understand your current status of your conditions. You will then have your multiple pressure points being palpated and you will have a regimen of treatment being formulated. You will likely to have a course of at least 10 to 20 treatment sessions with your acupuncturist that will last between 30 to 90 minutes depending on the type of treatments required. The acupuncture needles will be inserted in the correct meridian points and remain for a period of time. Some of the patients tend to have a feeling of mild sensation where the needles are inserted without any sort of pain at the points.

On completion of the acupuncture treatment, you may feel a little tired and require to rest for a while. But then there will be some people have the effects of feeling energetic thereafter. These kind of response towards the acupunture is dependent on individuals. In some of the cases, the person may have instant relief of the symptons like pain relief. Whereas others may require a few sessions before noticing the beneficial effects. You do not need to be alarmed and do communicate with your acupuncturist with regards of your feeling as to ensure the treatment is working as expected.

After the first treatment, you will never have the fear of needles again. Yes, we understand that acupuncture has the beneficial effectiveness in long term treatment which are known over years of history. This method of acupuncture is normally being used to complement any other types of medical therapy and therefore should never be used as a replacement of any existing medications or treatments for any person that maybe undergoing.

Remember that it is a safe application with exclusive Chinese therapy and now chronic disease sufferers worldwide are benefiting with these kind of experiences.
Medical Acupuncture

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