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51 years old Wang Bing Yang diver missing in Indonesia

Even after 4 days of search by navy vessels, police patrol boats and helicopter since Sunday, there is still no sign of finding the diver. It was told that a group of divers went for diving in the waters off Sangiang Island in Banten on Sunday. There were altogether 6 divers and was split into 2 groups of 3 each.

The local reports stating that one group had resurfaced once before diving again and unfortunately went missing thereafter. It is said that the victims are all qualified and experienced professional divers. Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) had confirmed that a Singaporean was missing while diving off Pulau Sangiang, Banten on Sunday.

It is quite puzzling that the 3 divers who are missing are professional divers and have diving qualifications. The other 2 missing victims are reportedly Chinese nationals. Singapore Authority has been in contact with the Indonesian authorities who are in coordination search for this rescue mission.

51 years old Wang Bing Yang diver missing in Indonesia

Article or News Share by: Dorothy Ong
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