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What is adult dyslexia?

There is a program called Lindamood Phoneme Sequencing (LIPS) that are now being used to treat adult dyslexia. We understand that using this method of program will be applying the phoneme awareness as to allow the person to learn how to read more efficiently and correcting the problem.

This application of the program is believed in the premise which the primary cause of the issue relating with decoding and spelling that individual's complexity to judge the identity, sound sequence as well as number that is seen within those words. This type of inability can be defined as the weak phoneme awareness happening to a person who has adult dyslexia.

When a person has dyslexic means that he/she will have a type of weakness in phonological processing in words or numbers. This type of weakness is known to be the cause for all children and adults to add, substitute, omit, reverse sounds or letters that is placed within those words in a sentence that they are actually seeing.

Therefore, we know that people who are having dyslexia will be unable to understand precisely those words they are actually reading of the book. It is simply because even they can view all those letters in book, they will be unable to judge as what they are viewing is correctly match what they are going to talk about. Due this type of poor judgement, they are deterred to actually correctly detecting their mistakes in spelling, speech and reading those words. In addition to this, it will be an obstacle when he/she wants to learn another language.

The aim of this program will be able to be successfully allow a person with dyslexia's phonome awareness to develop. This will simply allows the person to apply the so called awareness to be able to read, spell, write as well as speech for its remedial and preventive measure.

Using this type of program to train a person which means you will be sort of aided to learn the different type of mouth actions helping to give real speech voices. With the application of this type of sensory information, the person can actually know the sounds for the order of words spoken. When you actually acquire this type of skill, then you will be enabled to correct yourself in terms of reading, spelling, writing as well as speech.

The program itself has different levels of grading based on the ability of decoding for a period of 4 to 6 weeks while going through the intensive training and treatment therapy. Therefore if you are going through this intensive program then you will need to prepare yourself to undergo the therapy for at least 4 hours per day of treatment.

Nevertheless, you have your own choice to choose what sort of intensity you wish to have the program for treatment. Likewise, if you just want it to be light then the program can be adjusted accordingly.

There has been research showing that there will be sort of additional gains in speech and language skills when one undetake this treatment with the sensory-cognitive program. It has been seen that after you have already reached a plateau using the traditional approach based on the speech therapy treatment conducted.

This type of program does for other forms of conditions that are relating to dyslexia like the hyperlexia. This type of condition will be relating to a specific issues to comprehending those data that you are reading even though you may actually reading them accurately.

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What is adult dyslexia?

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