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€25,000 to move in Italian region

Population in the Southern Italy has dropped drastically and has made an offer to all newcomers to move in at only €25,000 for 3 years in the village. This offer seems to be quite attractive but there is a catch which requires you to open up a business and the village's population must be lesser than 2,000 local occupants.

According to the Guardian, Donato Toma, the president of Molise took this approach as to gather more newcomers as investors to open up shops like restaurant, bookshop, bread shop or anything else they desire to have their businesses there. It will be one method to bring back life into their towns by increasing their population. It was said that more than 9,000 people had left the province of Molise since 2014.

For any of the town the consists of lesser than 2,000 local residents would receive €10,000 to build infrastructure and promote cultural activities as mentioned in the Guardian. The decline of birth rates put a drop in their population which many of their citizens had migrated to other European countries for better job offers. It was said that more than 157,000 citizens had left Italy since 2018.

The effort of making attempt to increase their population, the Italian communities in Sambuca and Sicily had successfully sold at the price of €1 auction as to combat the effects of urbanization and emigration. This attempt is not just to increase population but to create an infrastructure where people will have a reason to stay instead.

€25,000 to move in Italian region

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