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Radioactive Fukushima wastewater might be dumped into Pacific Ocean

Japan has been using storage space to keep the wastewater of Fukushima but soon will be running out of space by 2022. It is said that the country might not have the choice but to dump it into the Pacific Ocean as revealed on 10 Sept 2019 in the press conference. Since 2011 after the tsunami and earthquake happened in Fukushima, the power plant's reactors had melted down. In order to cool down the fuel cores, they had to pump tons of water to cool the nuclear plant as reported in CNN.

For the last 8 years, the nuclear plant reactors had been filled with tonnes of water in order to maintain a cool temperature for those reactors. It will be put into storage tank When the water is contaminated with radioactive contents. Unfortunately, it will no longer be possible by 2022 as the storage space will run out. The report by The Mainichi said that Harada stating the last resort to have it dump the radioactive water into the ocean.

It is said that before discharging the radioactive water into the ocean, it will be treated through a complex filtration system as to remove the contaminated radioactive isotopes. Unfortunately, it is said the tritium from the isotope will not be able to remove and that was the reason for storing into the tanks. However, it had been said Tritium will be harmless to human or animal when expose into environment.

It was said by Japan about the contaminated water is being dumped into the oceans by all nuclear plants worldwide as in no danger to the environment according to report in The Strait Times.

Even though it is said to be safe but there are others who are not convinced that the radioactive water will be harmless to living things. When it was said about Japan's intention of releasing the wastewater into the Pacific Ocean, the local fishermen as well as South Korea strongly giving their opposition according to Japan Times.

It is yet to finalize as whether or not to dump the wastewater into the Pacific Ocean. The Japan's government has not made any final decision as for the course of action to handle this matter. Report by ST stating that there are 4 other options currently being considered including having the wastewater encase in cement to bury it or have the water to vaporize as steam.

Radioactive Fukushima wastewater might be dumped into Pacific Ocean

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