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Pregnancy prevention methods

In order as to avoid unwanted pregancy, the use of birth control pills will be one of the solutions provided. Let us make a type of comparison for birth control pills which is known to be oral contraceptives that have been around the market for more than 50 years or so. This pill had been tagged after getting the approval by the US Food and Drug Administration or known as FDA. It is the form where it is the most reliable source that women will turn to when it concerns about getting pregnant.

There is a likely chance of side effect to use the oral contraceptives which is affecting the woman's body and making them to gain weight as a result. You will be really dumbfounding about it since you will be hearing of such stories from many of the women who have used these pills for the obvious reason as to avoiding getting pregnant.

Even though this is a fact that will be causing the additional weight on the body, it seems that the celebrity status of birth control pills have been known for not diminishing through time. We understand that women still will rely on these pills for such purpose regardless whether or not they will gain weight as a result.

As what we understandt that it will really be dependent on the body type for individual person. As such, some of the women will not face these problems when consuming this pill. So for those women who are lucky to belong to this group of classification will not be fighting over the weighing scale when they are growing old. We know that the ones who are prone to gain weight with the pills are those who will accumulate fats easily with food or whatever they are consuming.

As a result of this, when woman gains weight with consumption of the pills, she will also be ready to counteract this problem by consuming the proper type of diet and having just the right amount of exercises. This means one must treat this as the normal weight gain. With this type of mindset then you will be able to accept the pill and likewise, you will not have any risk of pregnancy as when you are not prepared for it yet.

One thing for sure is that you must not be fearful of the drug just because of the side effect of having to gain weight. These things can easily work out on since unlike when you have unexpected pregnancy, you will have to live with that for the rest of your lifetime.

Let us look briefly into the comparison of these type of pills in general. As you may already know that there are many types of this pill available in the market where you can choose from. One type will be the POP or Progestin only pills that have no estrogen. This sort of pill will be called as the mini pill. What it does primarily will be working on thicken the cervical mucus so that it will not allow the sperm to travel into the uterus. For this type of pill, it must be taken consistently at a certain period of time everyday in orderto achieve the maximum results.

Another type will be the combination pills which are those that will have both the estrogen and progestin. It is said that there are many of these kinds of pills that are said to prevent women from having ovarian cancer as well as endometrial cancer.

One more type which is kind of popular among women are the ECPs or emergency contraceptive pills. It is said that this type of pill must be consumed after 120 hours of having the unprotected sex with your partner. The function of this drug will prevent you from being impregnated as the cause of the act. One should not be taking this pill on a regular basis though. This means that you should only be consuming it as when needed when one is subjected to having unprotected sex.

One important rule as to remember when you are choosing the type of pill that will actually be suitable for your body as to consult your family doctor about this. They will know best as what will work best for you in terms of the condition since they will have scientific knowledge regarding this field.

Well, this is just a brief type of comparison for the birth control pills. Of course there are much more of these pills available in the current market. One thing for sure, there will likely be more to be discovered and being developed as time goes by.

Pregnancy prevention methods

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