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Hazy condition in Singapore depends on the winds

Once again, Singapore is affected by the fires in the forests of Indonesia for the past week. It is noted that the sky in Singapore can view the hazy on and off as the wind's direction changes. It was reported that the hazy condition this time has turned out to be the worst over the years. It can be seen that dry weather has been expected over the next few weeks, therefore we will likely to expect the hazy conditions to worsen. The air quality had hit higher than 100 PSI which will be the unhealthy range last week.

With the air quality hitting unhealthy level, this will likely to affect people which are more likely for children, pregnant women or elderly persons who are having lung or heart conditions. It has been encouraged to avoid any kind of strenuous or prolong type of exercises for outdoor activities as it will endanger your health. From the satellite shown the hotspots in West, Central, South and East Kalimantan.

Since the current winds direction will be blowing from the South-East or South, this will mean that Singapore will likely to continue experiencing the hazy conditions. This has brought the air quality in Singapore to be in the unhealthy ranges since 3 years ago. This smoking haze conditions are from the fires in the forests at central and southern Sumatra. Singapore will be at the mercy of the winds blowing direction of the hazy bringing from Sumatra's fires.

It is unfortunate that these fires are usually the source from farmers who are doing the slash and burn tactic instead of the normal method of removing the trees in the forests. With the current fires occuring in parts of Sumatra and Kalimantan, it has affected Malaysia in the unhealthy air quality around Kuala Lumpur with the skyline shrouded in thick smog and the air pollution higher than 100 PSI. It had been reported that the neighbouring province of Jambi, the haze condition had climbed to the hazardous level of 347. It has seen that the fire had raged across Riau and they are facing the haze emergency's condition. This means that the air quality has hit the hazardous level that everyone is at risk of lung infection. Back in 2015, the fires plus the EL Nino weather had caused much more harms to people and with prolong drought. Hopefully we can have some good rainfall to help and reduce this haze effect.

The Indonesian province has made their moves to curb slash and burn clearances as fires rage. Tighten rules by the authorities in Indonesia against plantation companies using the slash and burn methods which link to the wave of forest fires occurring in Indonesia.

I pray that companies will not practice by using fires to clear the forests as it will do harm to humans as well as all other living beings. That is not the way to earn money as it will also affect you or your family members in health. Use the right tools to remove the forest trees instead.

Hazy condition in Singapore depends on the winds

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