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Death of 39 people in UK truck incident

Last text message by Pham Thi Tra to her mother while in the truck travelling from Belgium to Britain saying she couldn't breathe. In England, the police are investigating and had made arrest for suspicion of human trafficking.

The daughter had sent the message to her mother saying that she didn't succeed in going abroad and dying due to suffocation. The police have yet to confirm the identities of the dead victims until the formal identification process completed according to Essex Police's Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills. Her officers had questioned the 25 years old truck driver who was involved on discovery of the bodies in the back of his truck.

All the victims consist of 31 men and 8 women were moved to mortuary after being found at the dock near the industrial estate in Grays. It was learnt that the organisation for the Vietnamese community in Britain had received news of missing relatives from families.

According to the town's chairman, Dirk de Fauw saying that he believed the victims were dead in the trailer before arrival in Belgian port. Based on the GPS data had revealed the container arrived at Belgian port around 2.49pm before the 10 hours trip by sea to Britain.

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Death of 39 people in UK truck incident

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