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Birthday celebration for mum at Orchid Live Seafood

This year for mummy's birthday, we decided to give her something special for a meal as we had tried many different types of food all over the world. After doing some research for lobsters, we found a place where Food King had recommended about the Lobster's Porridge and read some reviews saying how fantastic it had tasted. The recommendation was the restaurant called Orchid Live Seafood and since the reviews sounded to be like mouth-watering dish, we told ourselves it must be a worth tasting. We had made a reservation just in case it would crowded for its famous signature dish of Lobster's Porridge. Our booking was at 1 Bah Soon Pah Rd and got up early in the morning to prepare ourselves to go for the birthday's lunch. Once arrived there, we went in and only noticed one table was occupied by customers. Since it was not crowded, we presumed that the food might be even better since there would be no rush for the chef to prepare our meals.

Orchid Live Seafood Menu

Browsing through the menu, we chose the Saver Menu which just suit for 4 of us and also it had the dishes we like to try. After settling down for 2 minutes or so, the first dish had arrived on our table. It was the mixed vegetable dish. It looked quite ordinary but we wondered how the taste would be like. Each of us took some to taste and our opinions were that it tasted like those you can get from a hawker center. Simply ordinary taste and nothing much to compliment about. This dish would be just 2 out of 5 stars rating for us. Well, we still looked forward for the main signature dish as that was want attracted us to come since we had never tasted before.

Mixed vegetable

Again after one minute later, another dish was being served. This time, it was the Steven Chicken's dish. From the look at the dish itself, it was kind of crispy with topping of seasame seeds. We decided to take a piece each and tasted it. Indeed to our surprise, it turned out to be yummy and tasty. Finally, we did have a chance to taste something nice and tasty to come all the way here. Our verdict will be 4 out of 5 stars rating for this dish. This was a dish that deserved a 4 stars rating from us as compared with those zhi char center. That for the moment had cheered us up and expect much better dishes to follow by.

Steven Chicken

Now within another minute, we had our main attraction dish of Lobster's Porridge being served on our table. Since it was the star dish being recommended by Food King and others, we had some sort of expectation how it would taste like. One look at the dish itself, it seemed nice and presentable. We were being served one small bowl of the porridge each. As we were all excited, we took our first mouthful of the porridge and soon after, the expression on our faces shown the kind of disappointment instead of joy. It was indeed a big surprise to us that the porridge itself was kind of bland and not tasty as what others had described. So it was a very big sort of disappointment as we were celebrating for my mum's birthday and looking forward to let her enjoy something different and hopeful nice but it had to turn out to be just tasteless. This dish should not be the signature dish since the Steven Chicken tasted much better instead. Well, after we had our taste on the porridge, we all gave a 2 out of 5 stars rating.

Lobster Porridge

The next serving that came was the Topshell Crispy Toufu after the Lobster's Porridge. First sight looked quite presentation but it kind of like they had put too much of the onions on top of the toufu and with little topshell. We all took our bites and again this was just another ordinary dish where we all could get from the hawker center. Well, we guessed we could not expect much from this dish as it was nothing special about. So it would just be a rating of 2 out of 5 stars.

Topshell Crispy Toufu

Finally, we came to the last dish of our meal which would be the Live Patin Fish. Again, our first look at the dish, it was quite nice and presentation. We were kind of eager to taste it and we took a part each and tasted it. Well, the fish meat wasn't soft and juicy as we expected it to be. The meat itself was tasteless and with the sauce over it, didn't have much effect though. Once again, we were filled with disappointment over this meal as we had some sort of high hopes with the reviews being given by Food King and others. The only dish that we all agreed upon would just be the Steven Chicken. Guess the reviews we read were kind of over-rated and did not have the same result as we had hoped.

Our final review for the overall experience would be 2 out of 5 stars rating for the food at Orchid Live Seafood. If we were asked about whether we would be coming to have future meals, we would not be interested since it did not have the kind of wow taste effect as others had described. But then we understand about this saying: One man's meat is another man's poison. So even though we may not have enjoyed our meals at Orchid Live Seafood as it did not taste nice but others may find it okay for them. So, if you too had been to Orchid Live Seafood, do share your opinion and reviews.

Live Patin Fish
Birthday celebration for mum at Orchid Live Seafood

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