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Bangkok Vacation

We decided to go for vacation during Christmas and our place of choice is Bangkok in Thailand. We took our flight via Singapore Airline and it took us 2 and the half hours to reach our destination. Our current exchange rate from Singapore dollars to Thai Baht is 22. We had pre-booked Maitria Hotel with the arrangement of airport transfer included.

SQ airline foodSQ airline food

Reached Changi Airport in 3 hours advance which gave us time to check in and have a light meal before going onboard the plane. We had prepaid for the Mobile SIM card - AIS Traveller SIM and collected it at Changi Recommends Counter in the airport. We had arrived at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport around 6.45pm and proceed to Immigration Clearance and made our baggage claim. Our airport transfer pickup was at the EV Taxi Booth located outside the Terminal Building near Door 3-4 at the Ground Floor.

After an hour plus drive, we had reached our hotel and check in. After getting ourselves refresh and relax, we proceed to Terminal 21 to have our dinner which was 10 minutes walk away. At Terminal 21 food court, we purchased a pre-paid card and top up Thai baht and whatever remainder of the unused value would be refunded upon returning of the card at the counter.


There were lots of choices to choose from at Terminal 21 food court. Here were some of our choices to make.

- Pad Thai – Hoy Tod St. Louis (ผัดไทย – หอยทอด) Restaurant (No 5) – Pad Thai with prawns (฿105, S$4.77)

- Long Lae Yellow Curry Rice (ลองแล ข้าวหมกไก่) Restaurant (No 4) - Yellow Curry Rice with Beef Massaman Curry (฿45, S$2.14)

- Krua Thai Cuisine Restaurant (No 10) - Spicy and Sour Shrimp Soup (Tom Yum Goong) (฿50, S$2.38) and Thai Coconut Milk Soup with Chicken (Tom Kha Gai) (฿55, S$2.61)

For dessert to order at the Food Court:

- Cheng Sim Ei (เช็งซิมอี๊) Restaurant (No 24) - Mango Sticky Rice (Small - ฿35, S$1.66, large one – ฿75, S$3.40), can try Durian with Sticky Rice in Coconut Milk (฿30, S$1.42)

- Khanom Bueung Pannee (ขนมเบื้องพรรณี) is located just outside the main zone (No 33) - Thai Crispy Pancake Khanom Buang, order mix to try, Egg yolk threads are sweet and Coconut with Thai herb is salty (฿25 for 8 pieces, S$1.19, S$0.14/pc)

- Ice Cream & Refreshment (ไอศครีม แอนด์ รีเฟรชเมนท์) Restaurant (No 29) - Palm Sugar Juice (฿15/20, S$0.71/ S$0.95

After our dinner, we walked to 7-eleven to purchase bottled water drink and breakfast for the next day. We walked back to our hotel to rest and recharge ourselves for the next day activities.


We had our light breakfast in the morning and took our bath before proceeding to Lek Massage at Asok Branch for an hour of Thai Body Massage. After finishing our relaxing massage, we were all famished and went to Savoey Restaurant at Terminal 21 to have a sumptuous seafood lunch.

Here were some of the dishes you could order there.

- Green Papaya Salad & Grilled Chicken with Sticky Rice [฿175/SGD7.95]

- Deep-Fried Crabmeat [฿400/SGD18.10] – Underneath the fried skin are chunks of crabmeat for your indulgence.

- Stir-Fried Mud Crab with Yellow Curry Sauce [฿230/100g/SGD10.45/100gms] – When you visit Thailand, forget about chilli crab and head for curry crab. Be sure to go with white rice because the sauce is so precious.

- Jumbo Crabmeat Omelette [฿420/SGD19.09] – Here’s the huge chunk of meat cooked in an omelette.

- Pandanus Kale Juice [฿80/SGD3.63]

- Stuffed Beans Dumpling in Coconut Milk Served with Ice Cream & Coffee [฿180/SGD8.18] – Pour the coffee into the coconut husk and you will be amazed by the flavours from this dessert.

- Grass Jelly with Mixed Beans in Fresh Milk [฿85/SGD3.86] – We love the firm texture of these chunks of grass jelly, totally different from the ones in Singapore.

- Pineapple Rice

Our overall comment for this place was just satisfactory as we thought it might be spectular. After having our lunch, it was time to work off those calories and began our shopping spree. We started to shop around Terminal 21. Thereafter we proceed to Big C SuperCenter for more shopping and buying stuff. Here were some stuffs we interested in buying.

Madame Heng Original Herbal Soap,฿33.00~SGD1.50
Lobo Tom Ka Paste, 50gms, ฿17.50~SGD0.80
Lobo Yellow Curry Paste, 50 gms, ฿17.00~SGD0.77
Tumeric Powder
Black Glutinous Rice
Palm Sugar
Thai Coffee Powder
Essential Oil – 10ml, S$4.00=฿88.00
Siam Banana, expires in 2 weeks, (Tao Kae Noi Land)
Edible Insects
Le Pan Banana – Like Tokyo banana, S$0.50, expires in 4 days (7-11 exclusive)
Thai Sticky Rice Burger
Thai Spicy Pretz Sticks
Cuttlefish Snacks
Betagen – same as vitagen
Fillings sandwiches – Ham, Cheese, Fried Egg (7-11)
Pork Burgers (7-11)
Bento Squid Seafood Snack
Crispy Mushroom

There were lots of things we did in Bangkok and too much to write about in here. To summarize up, it was the most enjoyable time we had for this vacation and if you are planning to go, I sincerely hope you will also find it entertaining and fun.

Bangkok Vacation

Article or News Share by: Dorothy Ong
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