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Any insurance coverage for Hong Kong business owners in riot?

Since the rioting started more than 4 months ago, with all the damages caused during this period of time, it will be likely that all businesses establishment have to foot their own bill for whatever the riot damage had done since most of them are unlikely to have bought the insurance coverage for this sort of circumstances. Looking at the current status happening in Hong Kong where many businesses have suffered all the damages caused by those activists about the control by the central government in Beijing for the special administrative region.

As many Hong Kong police engaged with tear gas with the protesters using petrol bombs in the illegal anti-government march that brought into chaos for many businesses including shops, banks and metro stations. Protesters were seen to have thrown petrol bombs in the vicinity of Tsim Sha Tsui police station after the engagement of tear gas by the police to disperse them.

It can be seen that many Hong Kongers are opposing the police ban by holding an illegal march on Oct 20 by anger over the beating and stabbing of two protesters. Around tens of thousands had joined the unsanctioned rally against the authorities to keep up pressure on the city's pro-Beijing leaders.

It seems like shop owners don't know if they will be compensated by insurance for such incident. It is said that Hong Kong insurance coverage usually protects against events like fire or natural disasters.

Check out more news at CNA broadcast.

Watch the video shows the Hong Kong Bomb Squad Robot.
Any insurance coverage for Hong Kong business owners in riot?

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