What is Karma & Merits?

Know about Karma & Merits

Edward Dec 12

Everyone has some knowledge about the cause and effect that will befall onto us for the things we had committed. So, what is the definition of Karma? This is what defines Karma - The event that occurs each time will be followed another event happening that was caused by the first event. For the second event, it can result as pleasant or unpleasant depending on the outcome of the first event. So this means that the second event happening is due to the existence of the first event caused. It is like the cycle of life of having one event happening results in another event that occurs.

It is said that the result of rebirth in another life maybe the involvement of the previous life to work off the karmic debt. So the next lifetime will result with the previous lifetime karmic debt thus the hardship or suffering in the current lifetime is attributed to your past life karmic debt. It is being brought forward to current life due to the negative action of the past life. Therefore any of the present life suffering might be the cause attributed as a consequence of karmic laws to be seen as the karmic debt to be repaid. The karmic laws is such as to maintain an equilibrium balance through our action of result a reaction for the consequences. Therefore with positive action in past life will result in positive reaction while negative actions will result in negative reactions that is either the present life or later incarnation.

What Do You Know About Buddhist Merits?

What is the definition of merits? Layman terms of merits is meant as skills. Whan a person has skills, it can be shared among others. In the normal sense of word, merits can means you can sell to or buy from others. Like you are being promoted in your career or academic level in accordance to your merits. Same as define in the spiritual world, the things you are promoting in peace and happiness are known as meritorious acts. Having these acts will assist you to elevate your spiritual level therefore leading you to the path of attaining enlightenment. Your spiritual merits are done with a pure state of mind that is said to follow you like a shadow and be a part of you. When you are practising vandana, you will have to do it with a pure state of mind. You get to admire and appreciate the qualities of the Triple Gem and wish to emulate it and adopt as the part of your life. Upon reaching such conscious effort to espouse them, your mind will start to create room for them and endeavour to live a life that will be similar to noble ones that embodiments of peace and happiness.

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