Capture memories of the past for the future in photography

Aim, snap and shoot in photography with digital camera

Edward Dec 15

Memories captured by a digital camera is the most valuable thing I can ever ask for as I ponder upon those pictures taken a few decade ago. My heart feels the joys I have shared with someone I always treasure none other than my wife. Over the last few years, I managed to capture some lovely images together with my family in travel. These are the moments where my faithful digital camera comes into play as I snap away with my finger.

One can never imagine the sort of feeling when you capture the images and revisit them again in the future. Everytime when I see those past photographs, it brings me great joys of memories as well as hardship I had in those times. There are always ups and downs, having seen those photographs just the things I need to remind myself of how lucky I am to be healthy and able to enjoy time with my family. Photography with still camera in those days requires skill otherwise the images will turn out to be blurred as it is out of focus and you will not know until getting the negative film to develop at the studio. Imagine the hassle of taking those photographs and not knowing the outcome until you have it develops in photo studio.

Thanks to technology, with the digital camera, you can now do wonders! It comes with many fantastic features like auto-focus so you won't worry about blur picture and anti-shake helps with clearer pictures! It also incorporate with editing function with nice background and with the preview function, you can easily delete if you are not happy of what you had snapped! With the current storage, you can easily stored up to at least one thousand photos with just one SD card. As in the past, the negative film comes with 12, 24 or 36 exposure! I remembered those days I had to carry around at least 5 of such rolls otherwise I can't take that much photographs.

If you are looking for digital camera, I will recommend getting the Canon brand as I have been using it for more than a decade and still functioning. It is a good brand that you will not regret. The lens is really good when comes to capturing images under all kind of lighting effect. Give it a try and I believe you will not regret the choice as I have.

I like to share info regarding the auto focus for digital camera. Auto focus means the digital camera will assist you to bring the subject in its best focus. For most of the DSLR cameras, it has 3 modes of focus: manual, auto focus and continuous auto focus. For the manual focus, the camera will not be in focus and you will have to make the right adjustment to focus your subject in the viewfinder. Next the single auto focus mode will begin focus the subject when you start pressing on the shutter button half-way to lock on the subject or all the way to take the shot. This will be useful for static subject which will turn out beautifully. Finally, the continuous auto focus means the camera will continuously focus on the subject you are taking. It will continue to re-focus when the subject distance is changed like moving objects. Therefore in this mode, it will be useful for taking moving objects like in the race track or airplanes or moving cars. What you need to do will be pressing the shutter button half way down to continuously following the subject to shoot. In any camera, the feature of auto and manual focus modes comes with pros and cons. Learn to use them to your advantage as how they work well in different conditions. Experimenting with shooting photos under different focus modes and different subjects to see how the photos turn out. Once you have done your experiments, you will be ready to apply the best focus mode in each different situation.